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Section 1115 Demonstration: Vermont Global Commitment to Health

The CMS Idea Factory is the tool by which CMS is gathering public comments on pending Section 1115 demonstrations. Please see the instructions below regarding how you can post a comment regarding a pending Section 1115 demonstration.

Section 1115 demonstrations, which enable states to test coverage and delivery system approaches in Medicaid and CHIP, have a significant and varied impact on Medicaid and CHIP beneficiaries, providers, States, Tribes, and local governments. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) values public input during the demonstration application Federal review process and has provided a platform for public submission of comments. Listed below is a description of the process and timelines for the Federal public comment process. For more specifics, please see the State Health Official (SHO) letter or regulation.

Once a State’s 30-day public comment period has ended, the State will submit an application to CMS. Within 15 days of receipt of the application, CMS determines whether the application is complete and will notify the State. If CMS determines that the application is complete, CMS will send the State written notice informing the State of receipt of the complete application, the date on which the Secretary received the application, and the start date of the 30-day Federal public notice period. If CMS determines that the application is not complete, CMS will notify the State of any missing elements in the application.

Each pending demonstration has a 30-day Federal open public comment period for the general public and stakeholders to submit comments. CMS will not act on the demonstration request until 15 days, at a minimum, after the conclusion of the public comment period. CMS will continue to accept comments beyond the 30-day period; however, CMS cannot guarantee that comments received after the 30-day comment period will be considered due to the need for a timely Federal response. Therefore, CMS strongly encourages comments to be submitted within the 30-day Federal comment period.

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About the Vermont Global Commitment to Health

According to information provided by the State, some individuals who qualify for medical assistance in Vermont may participate in a demonstration program, known as the Global Commitment to Health demonstration,which allows the State to offer health care coverage to additional groups of individuals who are not normally eligible for Medicaid. These include children and parents with incomes too high for regular Medicaid, and working age adults without children. Some of these individuals may receive coverage for all Medicaid services, while others get assistance to pay for health insurance offered by an employer or for Catamount Health. Certain Medicare beneficiaries can receive help to pay for prescriptions, eye exams, or eyeglasses. The demonstration gives the State added flexibility to modify benefits, and to use Medicaid funds to help achieve public health goals, while operating under a global budget.

Status: Pending Request for Amending of Demonstration, Closed
Public Comment Period: Closed for Public Comment 6/14/2013 through 7/13/2013
Pending Documents

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Section 1115 Demonstration: Vermont Global Commitment to Health

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